More new emoji are about to be released. This time the Unicode standard will be updated later this month to include emoji such as: ROFL, selfie, face palm, shrug ¯_(ツ)_/¯, and others.

In addition to those somewhat normal emoji, there are also a plethora of more odd emoji that will be released. These include: a cowboy, several “sick” faces, a sneezing face, a drooling face, a Pinocchio-esque lying face, and a clown:


Beyond the emoji above, there will also be a lot of additional people emoji. Some of these are the face palm, a shrug, and a dancing man:


We will also see new hand gesture emoji. This includes a new fist bump, a handshake, and more:


New animals and food will also be gracing our screens in the near future. There will be a gorilla, deer, bacon, pancakes, and more:


If you’ve ever wanted to send a glass of whiskey, milk, or champagne to somebody, those are also on the way:


Lastly, there will also be a lot of travel and sport related emoji. Items such as scooters and mopeds are being added. There will also be sports such as juggling, gymnastics, water polo, boxing, and others: