Hacking Growth: The Growth Hacking Book

If you’re looking for a growth hacking book, Hacking Growth, is a great option for you.

Hacking Growth: The Modern Marketing Mindset to Create Fast Growing Companies is a journey through the mind of the type of marketers who have made companies such as Tinder, Facebook, Buffer, and Dropbox successful by spending very little money. It’s about using the hacker mindset to come up with untraditional marketing tactics that exploit holes in systems as they currently exist for intellectual, creative, and business gain. By adopting this new marketing mentality, you will achieve impressive business results and have the most fun you’ve ever had building a business.

The book talks about key growth hacking and marketing topics, including:

  • What is a growth hacker?
  • Creating your killer growth marketing strategy
  • Create a strong community
  • Loyalty
  • Making mistakes fast to succeed
  • Building your brand
  • Traction leads to growth
  • Traction and growth aren’t the same
  • Finding your growth machine
  • Common growth tactics
  • The hacker mentality

This book is suitable for both marketing experts and newbies. It’s the growth hacking book written for everybody.

Andy Barr, a reviewer of Hacking Growth on Amazon, explained:

I highly recommend this book. If you have ever wanted to promote a site or product and thought, “I will just post a funny video and it will go viral”, (1) Good luck, you probably won’t get the results you hoped for (2) Get this book.

It is full of specific steps to get you customers, and then subsequently have those customers get you more customers. It is relatively short, but that is because it is direct and to-the-point.

If you are a company and want to get your team on the same page when it comes to marketing strategy, grab them each a copy.

If you’re ready to read the ultimate growth hacking book, you can click here to learn more about Hacking Growth on Amazon.

Growth Hacking Book