Content marketing has turned into one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. With the rapid growth of content marketing, has come rapid change to it. The rapid change that we’ve seen happen is the inability to post lazily written content and content creators must also be more creative at turning their content into user actions that drives business results.

Your content must be phenomenal to be successful.

In addition to your content being phenomenal, the majority of people who are reading your content don’t want to explicitly learn about your product or service. They want to learn how they can solve their own problems (and they expect your content to educate them).

When you create content that solves the problems your visitors are facing, you can figure out a path to achieve a high return on investment (ROI) from your content.

To create content that solves the problems that your visitors have, you need to start by clearly understanding your goals. Once you understand your goals, you’ll need to develop a clear plan for achieving your goals.

A great plan for achieving your goals is made up of things such as: using the right tools, building relationships, creating value for your brand, and similar.

Your plan should be focused on making you the must trusty industry expert.

Here are 9 ways for how to get more ROI from content marketing:

1. Learn from those who do it best.

The best way to begin creating an effective content marketing plan is to take the time to look at companies in your industry that already do great content marketing. Look at the company blogs that you currently visit and think about what they do well and what you believe they could be doing better.

If you want to see a three great examples of companies that do brilliant content marketing, check out the three blogs below:

The blogs above, even if they aren’t directly related to your industry, serve as great examples of amazing content marketing in action.

2. Use the best tools to boost your efforts.

Using the best tools will help you boost your content marketing efforts and achieve greater ROI. By tools, I mean resources that will boost your productivity, automated tasks, and free up your times in other ways.

Because there are so many tools out there for boosting you content marketing efforts, I’ve highlighted five of my favorite tools below:

  • Google Analytics: the best way to track your website traffic.
  • Buffer: the best way to schedule posts out on social media.
  • Buzzsumo: makes it easy to curate content, find influencers, and come up with post ideas.
  • ConvertKit: a simple to build email drip campaigns that promote your content.
  • CoSchedule: a great tool for building editorial content calendars

While there are hundreds of tools available out there, I decided to suggest just these five to help get you started (if you aren’t currently using any productivity tools yet).

These tools will help you become more organized. When you’re more organized, you have more time to think about the effectiveness of your content strategy.

3. Create goals with ways to track progress.

The best content marketing happens when you create goals. However, goals are meaningless when you can’t track them. When you can’t track your goals, you have no way to measure your progress and figure out what’s going well (or what isn’t working).

Measuring your progress is perhaps the single most important thing you can do with your content marketing. Measuring your progress allows you to understand your ROI and figure out if you’re on the wrong path towards achieving your goals.

When you set up the correct ways to track your content marketing efforts (such as using a great website analytics tool), you will understand if your content is increasing your website traffic, increasing your brand exposure, leading to more sales, creating social media engagement, and so on.

4. Stick to your content marketing plan.

When you stick to your content marketing plan, it becomes a lot more likely that it will succeed.

With this in mind, it’s important that you don’t expect a massive ROI from your content marketing immediately. You need to give your content strategy time to play out.

Letting your content marketing strategy play out means not being discouraged when things don’t quite go as planned, learning from mistakes, and, most importantly, learning and scaling your successes. You should be updating your strategy as necessary, but sticking to your initial strategy and goals in some capacity.

5. Be insanely dedicated to quality.

If you aren’t focused on quality, your content marketing efforts wont succeed and you won’t achieve a high ROI. This means that you shouldn’t focus on the amount of blog posts that you can publish per week, but rather you should focus on how you can be creating as many high quality blog posts as possible over a longer period of time.

High quality blog posts are about more than just word count, but include thing such as: covering interesting topics, having accurate grammar, and writing content that benefits your overall business and marketing strategy.

Your readers will engage with high quality posts for a longer time, meaning that your brand benefits most from quality content.

Quality content leads to a high ROI.

6. Network with influencers.

When you network with influencers, you can get a huge boost from them sharing the content that you produce.

Networking with influencers means developing and nurturing relationships with people who hold clout in your industry. These people can be powerful promotion tools for your content and can significantly boost the ROI of your content marketing.

To begin networking with influencers in your industry, you can do things such as go to industry events or even cold emailing well-known industry leaders.

Cold emailing influencers is pretty underused tactic, but it can be surprisingly successful. A lot of people who are “famous” in your industry typically keep themselves pretty open so that they can find more opportunities to grow their personal brands.

7. Turn people into content promoters.

When people promote your content for you, you head down the path towards higher content ROI much faster. This is because people trust the brands that the people they care about share most.

To start creating fans of your content, you can focus on turning some of the following types of people into your initial content promoters:

  • Your existing customers.
  • Your friends.
  • Your family members.
  • Your employees.
  • Your business partners.

Leveraging your existing network to grow your brand is a simple and highly effective marketing tactic. As an added bonus, when you are sharing your content with the people you care about, it forces you to never sacrifice quality since you want people to continue viewing you with respect.

8. Find ways to expand the reach of your best content.

When you have a piece of content that does well, don’t just let its success die off. Keep repurposing it and finding ways to keep its success alive.

For example, if you have a blog post that is particularly successful, you can reuse the content in various ways. Ways that you can repurpose content include:

  • Create an ebook from the blog post.
  • Create a slidedeck and upload it to SlideShare.
  • Upload and share a video on YouTube with that same content.

9. Offer content upgrades.

Our final tip is one that is typically greatly effective: offering content upgrades. This will help you do things such as collect more leads and achieve much higher content ROI.

By content upgrade, I mean putting strategic offers in your blog posts that give your readers more content. For example, if you have a blog post that is along the lines of 14 Ways to Grow Your Company, you may have a form at the bottom of the post that offers a bonus 3 business growth tactics if the person joins your email list.

Content upgrades are an extremely powerful content marketing tactic, and, if you’re not yet offering content upgrades, you should figure out ways to incorporate them into your content strategy.