Apple has been making a big push for recycling computers and phones over the past year. They’re doing this because they want to make sure that phone parts don’t end up in landfills, since a lot of electronic parts have a negative impact on the environment if disposed of incorrectly.

On Thursday, the company released its annual environmental report and the report noted that the company recovered over 61 million pounds of steel, glass, aluminum, and other materials.

One particularly interesting thing that Apple recovered was 2,204 pounds of gold.

Today, gold is trading at $1,229.02 per troy ounce. This means that the value of the gold Apple recovered is $39,513,418.98.

If you’re wondering where this nearly $40 million came from, Fairpoint, a group focused on electronics supply chains, the average smartphone currently uses 30 milligrams of gold in components.

Here’s the amount of materials that Apple recovered over the last year:

Apple Gold