Bundling Unrelated Products Will Increase Your Sales

It probably seems counterintuitive, but the best way to bundle products together is actually to bundle unrelated, not related, products together. Before explaining why this is, let’s take a moment to have a quick refresher on what bundling is. Bundling is the practice of selling two or more products or services as a single unit […]

How to Use Customer Data to Improve Your Marketing

This post was originally published on the LeadBoxer blog
The best marketers are data-driven. This means that they use customer and website data to make smart decisions that accelerate the growth of a company. Smarter decisions are made because, by using data and analytics, you can get a much better understanding of your customers and what they want to do with your product.

What is the jobs-to-be-done theory?

The jobs-to-be-done theory is a framework meant to remind companies about the importance of focusing on understanding customer needs and identifying needs that are unmet. It also reminds companies that it is vital to focus on how the desired outcome(s) of your customers are made easier with the use of your product or service.

How to Get More ROI from Content Marketing

Content marketing has turned into one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. With the rapid growth of content marketing, has come rapid change to it. The rapid change that we’ve seen happen is the inability to post lazily written content and content creators must also be more creative at turning their content into user actions that drives business results.