What is the jobs-to-be-done theory?

The jobs-to-be-done theory is a framework meant to remind companies about the importance of focusing on understanding customer needs and identifying needs that are unmet. It also reminds companies that it is vital to focus on how the desired outcome(s) of your customers are made easier with the use of your product or service.

How to Get More ROI from Content Marketing

Content marketing has turned into one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. With the rapid growth of content marketing, has come rapid change to it. The rapid change that we’ve seen happen is the inability to post lazily written content and content creators must also be more creative at turning their content into user actions that drives business results.

Giveaway: Win an Apple Watch

In honor of resurrecting my blog, I’ve decided to host a giveaway to win an Apple Watch Sports Edition. Entering the giveaway is incredibly easy. All you have to do is complete one (or all) of the entry options in the Gleam.io giveaway widget below: Alex Kehr’s Apple Watch Giveaway

Real estate professionals should be using email marketing

One of the best ways to improve brand awareness and nurture leads into sales is through real estate email marketing. Real estate email marketing is something that you should be doing, and if you aren’t utilizing it, you are missing out on great business opportunities.

Even a small email list can drive massive results, especially for a real estate professional.