Giveaway: Win an Apple Watch

In honor of resurrecting my blog, I’ve decided to host a giveaway to win an Apple Watch Sports Edition. Entering the giveaway is incredibly easy. All you have to do is complete one (or all) of the entry options in the giveaway widget below: Alex Kehr’s Apple Watch Giveaway

Real estate professionals should be using email marketing

One of the best ways to improve brand awareness and nurture leads into sales is through real estate email marketing. Real estate email marketing is something that you should be doing, and if you aren’t utilizing it, you are missing out on great business opportunities.

Even a small email list can drive massive results, especially for a real estate professional.

What is growth hacking?

The term growth hacking keeps gaining in popularity. However, many people are still puzzled by what it actually means and end up left asking the question, “What is a growth hacking?”

In this post, I am not only going to explain what a growth hacker is, but I’m also going to help you realize why the growth hacking mindset is so powerful.

A great company doesn’t care about itself

One of the greatest things that I have learned from running a company over the last 3 months is that a great company doesn’t care about itself. This might sound somewhat odd and counterintuitive; but it’s immensely true. I learned this lesson by transitioning away from working at a company that was so focused on […]

Long walks have helped me grow my business fast

I’ve learned the most important lessons about my business not while working, but by reflecting on my work on long walks. Walking is a new habit I’ve formed and it has helped me be more creative, have a more level mood, better understand the world around me, and, overall, think more clearly. Walking may not […]